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Blueberry Lemon
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Cherry Pineapple Green
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Japanese Cherry Blossom
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Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls
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Queens Garden
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Rising Sun
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Recent Articles

A Letter to Moms
May 07, 2015

  A wringing tightness gripped my empty stomach as I contemplated every parent’s heart-wrenching dilemma - work or family.   My son was in kindergarten and I had this thing to go to at his school.  At work, I had...

Beauty in Imperfection
March 24, 2015

In my training to become a tea sommelier (like a wine sommelier but for tea) I’ve become intrigued by the Japanese concept of WABI-SABI [wäbē säbē]. Even the definition is beautiful:   “quietness, sober refinement, subdued taste, characterized by humility, moderation,...

The Difference Between Black and Green Tea
February 18, 2015

Here’s the thing - all tea comes from the same plant, the tea plant, named Camellia Sinensis.  I know!  I went half my life not knowing that.   We’re not talking herbals, like peppermint or chamomile but actual tea. The differences...

Tea Shop Dream Job
February 18, 2015

“If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life.”   Well I get it, but I can’t say I totally agree.  Work is work.  Work is hard.  I’ve washed more dishes, mopped more floors and...

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