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Bedtime Story

$ 3.50

About Bedtime Story

Forget tiny teabags of weak sleepy tea, Bedtime Story is the perfect wind-down and relax hot beverage before bed, AND it tastes amazing. Soothing chamomile, lemon grass and peppermint are swirled together with a hint of valerian (a herb found to be effective as a mild sleep aid). Whether you want a nightly ritual or an occasional calming moment, treat yourself with something special. All organic, all natural.


Caffeine-Free Ingredients:

Organic Peppermint USA,
Organic Chamomile,
Organic Lemongrass,
Organic Rosehips,
Organic Valerian Root
& Organic Hibiscus


Steeping Suggestions:

    1 teaspoon tea
    8 oz water at 208 degrees
    Steep for 5-10 minutes

    Bedtime Story

    $ 3.50