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Miracle Mermaid Tea

$ 3.00

About Miracle Mermaid Tea

While on a sailing trip, the Savoy Tea Blenders met a beautiful Mermaid who was sipping tea on a cliff by the sea. She invited them to a little tea party where they drank, laughed and shared adventurous stories!

To their absolute delight, the Miracle Mermaid shared her amazing tea blend recipe with them so that everyone might also believe in Mermaids and remember her forever!


Caffeine-Free Ingredients:

Air-Dried Pineapple Pieces,
Air-Dried Mango Pieces,
Air-Dried Apple Pieces,
Organic Rosehips,
Organic Hibiscus Flowers,
Organic Rose Petals,
All-Natural Flavors
...and a Miracle!

Steeping Suggestions:

    2 teaspoons tea
    8 oz water at 208 degrees
    Steep for 7-10 minutes

    Miracle Mermaid Tea

    $ 3.00