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Sage the Rage

$ 3.00

About Sage the Rage

"Calm down!" "Chill out!" "Take it easy!" - This Wellness Tea turns those critical statements into real possibilities!

Sage has been long-used as a natural remedy to help ease anxiety & improve mood. Blending it with Lavender & Juniper in a Premium White Tea... Now who could be mad at that?!

We could all use a little breather amidst the chaos called "life". So, let's serenely raise our glasses & drink to less stress!

Caffeine-Free Ingredients:

Premium White Bai Mu Dan
Organic Juniper Berries
Organic Sage Leaf
Lavender Flowers Select from France

Steeping Suggestions:

    1  Heaping teaspoon tea
    8 oz water at 185 degrees
    Steep for 3-5 minutes

    Sage the Rage

    $ 3.00