Peach White

Type: White Tea

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About Peach White

Imagine you're taking a stroll to a beautiful Peach Tree Orchard. On the way there everyone you pass remarks about how wonderful you look. You glance down and there's that thing you lost a few weeks back. Work calls and says to go ahead and take the day off, paid, just because you're awesome. Now you find yourself standing in the middle of the orchard in front of the most mesmerizing peach tree you've ever laid eyes on. The sunshine, the beauty, the sweet fragrance ... just happiness. That's Peach White Tea. Enjoy.



Premium White Bai Mu Dan, 
Organic Calendula Petals
& All-Natural Flavor


Steeping Suggestions:

1 heaping teaspoon tea
8 oz water at 185 degrees
Steep for 2-4 minutes


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