Watermelon Slide

Type: Herbal Tea

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About Watermelon Slide

If you love watermelon, you will love this fruit tisane!  Seriously, it tastes (& smells) like watermelon!  It's absolutely delicious and refreshing poured over ice on a hot summer day. It's also a crowd pleaser served in a tall, chilled, dispenser at a picnic.  You know, share the joy.



Apple Pieces
Carrot Flakes
Honeydew Melon Cubes (Honeydew melon, sugar)
Watermelon Flakes
Beetroot Pieces
Natural & Artificial Flavoring

Steeping Suggestions:

    1 Heaping teaspoon tea
    8 oz water at 208 degrees
    Steep for 10-12 minutes  
    Sweeten to taste

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