Pink Pepper Chai

Type: Black Tea

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About Pink Pepper Chai

An aromatic spiced black tea, chai is a traditional beverage of India enjoyed for countless generations. You no longer need to use powders or concentrated liquids to get the rich flavor of chai at home. Bold, authentic spices are perfectly balanced and blended with quality, black tea resulting in a smooth and complex combination of flavors and aromas.



Black Tea from Assam, India,
Organic Cinnamon Pieces, 
Whole Pink Peppercorns,
Organic Ginger Root Pieces,
& All-Natural Flavor


Steeping Suggestions:

1 teaspoon tea
8 oz water at 208 degrees
Steep for 4-5 minutes

Tip: Instead of using water, try steeping in hot milk (or steamed milk) to get a rich chai latte.
Sweeten with sugar and vanilla if desired.

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