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Here Be Dragons

$ 3.00

About Here Be Dragons

In the early days of western horticulture, the well romanticized Plant Hunters of the Victorian age created maps marking the plant life that could be found around the world. Closed off from the rest of the planet, China was marked simply "Here be Dragons" referring to the mysterious folk lure of mist-clad giant beasts and wildly imagined botanical treasures. In honor of China's rich tea history, we created a Here be Dragons tea. It's exotic sweetness, rich flavor, and alluring aroma will have you inspired for a new adventure!



Chinese Green Tea Blend,
Mallow Flowers,
Natural & Artificial Flavors


Steeping Suggestions:

1 Teaspoon
3 Teaspoon
6-8 oz
175 Degrees
175-185 Degrees
1st Steeping
30 Seconds
Steeping Time
1 1/2 Minutes
2nd Steeping
30 Seconds
3rd Steeping
60 Seconds

Here Be Dragons

$ 3.00