Magical Unicorn Tea

Type: Herbal Tea

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About Magical Unicorn Tea

This powerful tea is the secret source of the Unicorn's beauty and grace. When steeped, its deep purple hue beckons the mightiest of creatures. Add a touch of lemon & watch in wonder as the color changes. Now bask in the splendor of the Magical Unicorn!

Caffeine-Free Ingredients:

Air-Dried Apple Pieces, 
Organic Rosehips,
Orange Peel,
Air-Dried Mango Pieces,
Air-Dried Pineapple Pieces, 
Butterfly Pea Flowers, 
Freeze-Dried Carrot Pieces
Natural & Artificial Flavors
...and Magic!

Steeping Suggestions:

    2 teaspoons tea
    8 oz water at 208 degrees
    Steep for 7-10 minutes

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