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Mini Pu'erh Tuo Cha

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About Mini Pu'erh Tuo Cha

Since Pu'erh is only considered such if it comes from the Yunnan Province of China, you can imagine the desire for it grew- what is so special about this tea? In order to meet the demand for this mysteriously delicious tea, they began to export it via the Tea Horse Road. Not so mysterious was the name behind the road. It was used for trade of horses and tea between Yunnan and Tibet. This tea is a smaller version of the cakes of Pu'erh they used to transport. It was caked and packaged to protect the tea along this lengthy journey. Now, have a cup and taste the history, the long travels, and the rich, deep tea that is Pu'erh.

Flavor Notes:

Earthy, Rich, Complex 


Pu'erh Tea from Yunnan, China.

Steeping Suggestions:

1 cake
8oz water at 208 degrees
Steep for 2-10 minutes
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