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Pu'erh - Xiao Yeh

$ 3.00

About Pu'erh Xiao Yeh

When we say you can taste the history and place when you drink tea, this is exactly what we mean. The richness of the history of Yunnan, China translates perfectly into the richness of Pu'erh tea. The climate of Yunnan has given us one of the most unique teas and we think you'll agree. Dark and full-bodied, this tea will have you feeling like you're roaming the streets of Pu'er, when you're sitting in our little tea shop. 


 Pu'erh Tea from Yunnan, China.

Steeping Suggestions

1 teaspoon tea
8oz water at 208 degrees
Steep for 2-10 minutes


Pu'erh - Xiao Yeh

$ 3.00